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Coldwater Boating Safety Tips: Be Prepared

Boat at the Canal

COLUMBUS, OH – The swamping and capsizing of a small boat resulting in occupants being unexpectedly immersed in frigid water poses a serious threat to boaters and anglers getting out on the water this time of year as water temperatures slowly begin to warm.  The best way to survive a cold water immersion and guard against hypothermia and drowning is to properly wear a life jacket and be dressed for cold water temperatures instead of warmer air temperatures, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Division of Watercraft.

A few things anglers and boaters can do to be prepared for outings on the water is to wear an approved life jacket or inflatable vest.  This keeps a person afloat should they fall off a boat or a boat capsizes.  The second tip is to wear protective clothing, such as synthetics, wool or polypropylene that help reduce the loss of body heat when immersed in cold water.  A third safety tip is to ensure that boats are properly loaded with people and gear before launching on the water to reduce the chance of swamping and capsizing.

More cold water and other boating safety tips are available online at www.ohiodnr.com/watercraft.

The Division of Watercraft reports that among 15 fatal boating accidents last year, none of the victims were found to be wearing a life jacket or vest.  In seven of the accidents, life jackets and vest were not aboard the boats as required by state and federal laws.

The ODNR Division of Watercraft administers Ohio’s boating and scenic rivers programs.  The agency oversees watercraft registration and titling operations, provides funding to local communities for education, enforcement and boating access facilities, educates the public and enforces boating laws on Ohio’s waterways.

ODNR ensures a balance between wise use and protection of our natural resources for the benefit of all. Visit the ODNR Web site atohiodnr.com.

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Life on Lake Erie Photo Contest Deadline Approaches

The Lake Erie Dearie of Ashtabula Ohio (2 of 3)
Image by kuddlyteddybear2004 via Flickr

TOLEDO, OHIO— With its 312 miles of shoreline forming the northern boundary of Ohio, Lake Erie’s impact on the Buckeye State has been monumental.

To celebrate the diversity of life found within the boundaries of our Great Lake’s watershed, amateur photographers are invited to submit entries for the Ohio Lake Erie Commission’s 2010 photo contest. Winning images will be displayed as part of a traveling exhibit and in an on-line photo gallery.

The 2010 “Life on Lake Erie” photo contest is an opportunity for amateur photographers, age 16 and older, to share their talent in capturing the best that the Lake Erie region has to offer. Digital images taken between July 9, 2009 and July 9, 2010 in and around the Lake Erie watershed may be submitted to the Ohio Lake Erie Commission (OLEC) through July 16.

Winning photographs will be featured on the OLEC Web site and will become part of the commission’s traveling photo gallery. The images will appear at prime Ohio shoreline locations throughout the year including the University of Toledo’s Lake Erie Center in Oregon and the Lake Erie Shores & Islands Welcome centers in Port Clinton and Sandusky. Images may also be used to promote the Lake Erie region through environmental and educational programs and publications.

Submissions must be the original work of the photographer and can portray sustainable use, development, recreational use or protection of Ohio’s Lake Erie coastal resources. Both black and white and color digital images will be accepted, however, NO computer-enhanced images will be accepted. Previously submitted, late, copyrighted, digitally altered/edited or controversial photos will not be accepted.

To enter, submit your digital image on CD accompanied with a completed entry form, found at www.lakeerie.ohio.gov, to the Ohio Lake Erie Commission, One Maritime Plaza, 4th Floor, Toledo, Ohio 43604.

No more than five entries will be accepted per household; individuals may win only twice. For more information on the photo contest, please visit www.lakeerie.ohio.gov or call (419) 245-2514. The Ohio Lake Erie Commission was established in 1990 for the purpose of preserving Lake Erie’s natural resources, protecting the quality of its waters and ecosystem, and promoting economic development in the region. The director of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources serves as the commission’s chair. Additional members include the directors of the state departments of Transportation, Health, Development, Agriculture and the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.

The commission oversees the Ohio Lake Erie Protection Fund, a grant fund which promotes environmental protection and economic development in the Lake Erie watershed. This fund is supported by Ohioans each time they purchase a Lake Erie license plate displaying either the Marblehead Lighthouse or the Toledo Harbor Lighthouse, designed by Ohio artist Ben Richmond.

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