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Ohio State Park Boat Lottery Deadline Aug. 31st

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COLUMBUS, OH – Boat owners wishing to rent public boat docks at several popular Ohio State Park lakes have until Wednesday, August 31 to enter lottery drawings used to select renters for available docks. Application forms are now available through the individual park offices.

Lottery drawings will be held in September for boat docks at Alum Creek, Buck Creek, Buckeye Lake, Cleveland Lakefront, Deer Creek, Delaware, Lake Milton, Middle Bass Island, Paint Creek, Rocky Fork and West Branch state parks.

Completed forms may be submitted in person to the respective parks by Wednesday, August 31, or sent by certified mail/return receipt.  Only one application per boat is permitted, and must be submitted by the boat owner.  Lottery applicants must be able to show current proof of boat ownership or lease at the time of entry, and may be required to show a photo ID.  Boats titled to dealerships are not eligible.

The drawings are held on or before the third Saturday in September.  Applicants need not be present to win, and the winning lottery applicants will be notified by the park.  Persons selected by the lottery are entitled to renewal privileges for up to five years.  Renewals may be completed in person or on-line on the Ohio State Parks website, www.ohiostateparks.org.

Contact the individual park offices for specific details on allowable boat sizes, dock amenities, and dock rental fees, as well as other application procedures.

In addition to the parks conducting the September lotteries, several state parks have seasonal docks available for rent on a first-come first-served basis.  They include A.W. Marion and Buckeye Lake in central Ohio; East Harbor, Grand Lake St. Marys, Indian Lake, Kiser Lake, Lake Loramie, and Mary Jane Thurston in northwest Ohio; Geneva, Guilford Lake, Mosquito Lake, Punderson, and West Branch in northeast Ohio; Burr Oak, Dillon, Salt Fork, and Shawnee in southeast Ohio; and Caesar Creek, Cowan Lake, and Hueston Woods in southwest Ohio

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources ensures a balance between wise use and protection of our natural resources for the benefit of all. Visit the ODNR web site at www.ohiodnr.gov


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Coldwater Boating Safety Tips: Be Prepared

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COLUMBUS, OH – The swamping and capsizing of a small boat resulting in occupants being unexpectedly immersed in frigid water poses a serious threat to boaters and anglers getting out on the water this time of year as water temperatures slowly begin to warm.  The best way to survive a cold water immersion and guard against hypothermia and drowning is to properly wear a life jacket and be dressed for cold water temperatures instead of warmer air temperatures, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Division of Watercraft.

A few things anglers and boaters can do to be prepared for outings on the water is to wear an approved life jacket or inflatable vest.  This keeps a person afloat should they fall off a boat or a boat capsizes.  The second tip is to wear protective clothing, such as synthetics, wool or polypropylene that help reduce the loss of body heat when immersed in cold water.  A third safety tip is to ensure that boats are properly loaded with people and gear before launching on the water to reduce the chance of swamping and capsizing.

More cold water and other boating safety tips are available online at www.ohiodnr.com/watercraft.

The Division of Watercraft reports that among 15 fatal boating accidents last year, none of the victims were found to be wearing a life jacket or vest.  In seven of the accidents, life jackets and vest were not aboard the boats as required by state and federal laws.

The ODNR Division of Watercraft administers Ohio’s boating and scenic rivers programs.  The agency oversees watercraft registration and titling operations, provides funding to local communities for education, enforcement and boating access facilities, educates the public and enforces boating laws on Ohio’s waterways.

ODNR ensures a balance between wise use and protection of our natural resources for the benefit of all. Visit the ODNR Web site atohiodnr.com.

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Ohio Fall Foliage Color Preview for First Week of Autumn

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Ohio State Park Fall Harvest and Halloween Events are picking up, too!

COLUMBUS, OH – As we welcomed the first week of autumn, highlights of color are beginning to speckle the canopies of Ohio’s woodlands as the weather begins to cool.

“Many maple and ash trees are welcoming us into this year’s fall color season,” said Casey Burdick, from the ODNR Division of Forestry.  “The maples are splashing yellows and reds near the edges of Ohio’s woodlands and in many other areas white ash trees are showing their deep red and purple while green ash trees are showing their vibrant golden yellow color.”

Ohioans and out of state visitors who are waiting for peak fall color are encouraged to head outside and enjoy the crisp fall days leading up to it. Ohio state parks and nature preserves are offering many family-friendly activities that all can enjoy. The burst of color at the onset of the season provides a perfect backdrop for hikers, bikers or horseback riders who make their way across the hundreds of miles of publicly accessible trails. The brilliance of fall color will add to the excitement of games of disc golf and golf, which can be played on beautiful, award-winning courses at several state parks. Anglers and boaters can also get priceless perspectives of amazing fall foliage as it reflects in the rippling water along miles of shoreline and waterways.

This coming weekend, check out one of the following events at one of your Ohio State Parks…

Fall CampoutBuck Creek (SW) – Oct. 1-3. Crafts, nature programs, games, contests, trick or treat & hayrides. (937) 322-5284

Harvest DaysBeaver Creek (NE) – Oct. 2-3 at the pioneer village & Gaston’s Mill. Craft displays & demonstrations of pioneer life, including the working grist mill. (330) 382-9227. Beaver Creek Wildlife Education Center open 10 AM-5 PM, duck race at 3 PM Sun. (330) 385-3091 orwww.beavercreekwildlife.org.

Halloween CampoutGrand Lake St. Marys (NW) – Oct. 1-3. Apple bobbing, pumpkin carving, hayrides, costume & campsite decorating. (419) 394-3611.

Apple Butter FestivalHueston Woods (SW) – Oct. 2-3 at the pioneer farm. Arts, crafts & traditional apple butter making. (513) 524-4250.

Halloween Campout #1East Harbor (NW) – Oct. 1-2. Scarecrow & decorated campsite contests, kids’ crafts and games, hayrides, haunted house, dance & bonfire. (419) 734-4424 ext. 2.

To find out more about these and other events, visit www.ohiodnr.com. The site will serve as a premier guide to Ohio’s fall color season. Its pages provide information for travelers who want to map a scenic road tripadventurers who are refreshed and energized by the cool autumn weather, vacationers who seekplaces of solace to enjoy the changing seasons and even the students who need a resource for leaf collection projects. Ohioans and out-of-state visitors can also find information about fall foliage by calling 1-800-BUCKEYE or visiting www.discoverohio.com/autumnadventures.

Ohio’s 74 state parks, 21 state forests and 134 state nature preserves provide excellent locations to view fall foliage. Here are the most current reports from selected locations:

Location Region Color Condition
Alum/Delaware Creek State Parks Central Near Peak
Beaver Creek/Guilford Lake State Parks East Changing
Blackhand Gorge Nature Preserve Central Changing
Dillon/Blue Rock State Parks East Changing
Buck Creek State Park West Changing
Burr Oak State Park Southeast Changing
Caesar Creek State Park Southwest Changing
Clifton Gorge Nature Preserve West Changing
Deer Creek State Park Central Changing
Harrison Lake State Park/Forest Northwest Changing
Hocking Hills State Park/Forest Southeast Changing
Hueston Woods State Park Southwest Near Peak
Indian Lake State Park West Changing
John Bryan State Park West Changing
Kent Bog Nature Preserve Northeast Changing
Kiser Lake State Park West Changing
Lake Hope State Park Southeast Near Peak
Malabar Farm State Park Northeast Changing
Maumee State Park/Forest Northwest Changing
Mohican State Park/Forest Northeast Changing
Mt. Gilead State Park Central Near Peak
Pike Lake/Paint Creek State Parks Southwest Changing
Punderson State Park Northeast Changing
Quail Hollow/Wingfoot State Parks Northeast Changing
Salt Fork State Park East Changing
Shawnee State Park Southwest Changing
Sycamore State Park West Changing
Tar Hollow State Park/Forest Southeast Changing
Triangle Lake Bog Northeast Changing
Van Buren State Park Northwest Changing
Zaleski State Forest Southeast Changing

COLOR CONDITION KEY: Changing – Still mostly green, less than 25 percent color. Near Peak – Significant color showing – anywhere from 30 to 60 percent color. Peak – Peak colors – as much as 85 percent showing. Fading – Fading from peak conditions and leaves falling to forest floor.

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