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100 Days of Summer: Day 18- YSU Summer Festival of the Arts

Summer Festival of the arts Tile
Image by lcthulou via Flickr

Cheat day. While not an “Outdoor Activity”, the YSU Summer Festival of the Arts Does happen “Outdoors.”

And while we go every year, this year we might not make it. We’re having Jamie’s Graduation party on Saturday, getting ready to send her to Columbus College of Art and Design in the fall. Since she’s gone to the YSU festival every year since, well, ever since she was a baby, I have to credit the opportunities here and the exposure to the local arts scene with her choice of careers.

YEs, There’s the Tour De Youngstown for you cyclists, but I’m Sure You’ve already registered.

Anyway, I hope to see you on Sunday. And check out Flad Mountain at Kilcawley.

Also, Because it’s going to rain tomorrow, I’ll have another couple cheat days posted. We’re heading into the heart of the summer season here, and there’s lots to do. It’s only right that I try to help promote more than the ODNR parks and Lakes.

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