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100 Days Of Summer: Day Nine-Bike the Towpath Trail, Catch a Train for $2

Rt. 82 Bridge, Brecksville
Image by Cuyahoga jco via Flickr

You’ve got to try the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad. Normally it runs from Northern Akron to Independence road in Cleveland. To hop on on one of these stations costs $15 per person per day. The train goes through the Cuyahoga Valley National Park and the round trip takes about three hours. But you can get off at any stop: Visit Hale Farm, The shops at Penninsula, Take in a special event at Boston Mills.

Sounds fun. The Kids will like it. But there’s a way to save $13 per person and still get all the advantages. Bring your Bike. See, for $2, you can flag down the train at stations along the Towpath Bike trail and board the train. There are special cargo cars on each end to hold your bike. Then you can disenbark when you want.

Take the train north and Bike Back to your car. Or Bike until you’re exhausted and ride back in the comfort of a restored passenger car. The choice is yours.

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