New GPS Game From Groundspeak, Creators of Geocaching

Magellan Blazer12 GPS Receiver.
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What is WhereIGo?

It’s the next generation of GPS games. It’s Geocaching on Steroids. It’s a Virtual Scavenger Hunt in the real world.

WherIGo replaces the traditional plastic box with a virtual location. Start a game, follow the clues and instructions to progress. Get to your goal, and your Wherigo enabled Smartphone gives you the next leg. Think Amazing race type games.

Oh, And just like Geocaching, you build these games yourself using their toolbox. How Cool Is that? You control the game. You Make the game and write the story. Imagine. Summer’s coming up. A scavenger hunt for the Summer Camp Kids? A state Park Adventure for the family reunion? A night life cruise for the adults?  The choice is yours.

Check out Wherigo.

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