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WATERFORD, N.Y. – In the town of Albion, New York, a tugboat lounges in placid waters, secured by its mooring ropes. Nearby, a sage-green bridge appears in soft focus across the same waters—those of the Erie Canal.

A peaceful stroll along the canal banks at Albion is just one of the many attractions that the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor offers. This water-based network of communities in upstate New York is a fine travel destination. Read this week’s article in the National Park Getaway travel series, and you’ll find that in addition to tranquil vignettes like the scene at Albion, the Erie Canalway boasts history and outdoor recreation.

Ride on a canal boat, check out locks and bridges, and wander through towns like Seneca Falls, where an old knitting mill still stands. Go for a bike ride on the Erie Canalway Trail, where you can pedal through delicate morning mist and gaze at the rich greens (or—in autumn—yellows, oranges, and reds) of the trees that border the famous watercourse.

Reds and greens, historic towns and structures: the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor is saturated with local color. Visit to start planning your navigation of the waterway, as well as to access 69 previous Getaway articles.

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