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Gun Digest 2011 : Buy on Amazon Kindle and Take it Anywhere

The Gun Digest 2011
is now available for the Kindle. ┬áHere’s an Excerpt on Teddy Roosevelt’s African Safari hunting rifles:

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Amazon Geocaching Bestsellers

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100 Days of Summer: Day 19-Rainy Day Shopping

The statute outside Cabela's in Wheeling, WV
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If You’re reading this today chances are it’s raining: Nice that it’s on a weekday and the weekend is going to be cool and dry. And, as I mentioned in the earlier post, this seems to be a big weekend for the region. Let’s get out and show our support.

In the meantime, you could drive down to Wheeling, or you could shop Cabela’s catalog right here.

You could drive to the Laurel Highlands, or Shop the Fishing Classic Sale at from the comfort of your desk.

And if you don’t find what you’re looking for at either of those places, check out Steel Valley Outdoors own Amazon Outdoor Store Here.

See, I’m saving you gas,time and money. And all I get is a couple pennies for every dollar you spend to buy a coffee at the end of the month, and it doesn’t cost you anything. So please: Support Steel Valley Outdoors. Buy me a coffee.

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Amazon Bass Fishing Bestsellers

Another slow news week, and another day to stay out of the rain. So here’s a list of Amazon Bass Fishing Gear:
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The Ultimate Airsoft Amphibious Battle Tank Weapon of Doom

Rechargeable Super R/C Land & Sea Amphibious Air Soft Battle Tank Rechargeable Super R/C Land & Sea Amphibious Air Soft Battle Tank

Fast moving on LAND and WATER! The Super R/C LAND + SEA Amphibious Tank!! Extremely Power Shooting! Fast Moving on LAND and WATER! This rechargeable R/C amphibious tank can TRANSFORM between TANK and SHIP in second! Also, the Powerful Cannon can shoot as far as 20 Meters. 20 Meters! That is almost 60 feet! While working on rough ground, like grassplot, sand, and carpet, the 4×4 precision-grip wheels can move extremely fast in ANY DIRECTIONS on all terrain. When run this water resistant tank into the water, you can transform into ship within several seconds. It comes with flashing LEDs indication light which let you run it in the dim/dark environment. What’s more, this tank can be a Soda Can Caddy in the beach! You may never experience such Crazy R/C Tank before! You Would Know the Huge Fun of this Tank!!

Wow, that first paragraph was fun. But just in case you got totally confused, we’ll say it again with a bit more grammar. Our R/C Land & Sea Tank drives great on all sorts of surfaces and transforms from tank to ship in mere seconds. It’s particularly fun for a day at the beach because you can drive it on the sand, over the people you’ve buried in the sand, and then into the water. You can also defend your plot of sand by shooting BB’s at people who attempt to put their towels in your zone. Once you’ve scared them all away, your tank can rest by your side and serve as a drink holder for your soda. Sweet.

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Womens Hiking Boots from Amazon

OK, So here’s the Bestselling Women’s Hiking Boots from Amazon.

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Still Not a lot of News. But, I get a lot of click through from these posts

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Men's Hiking Boots: Amazon Bestsellers

Not a lot of news, so I thought I’d post this list of hiking boots from Amazon.

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Bestselling Bivouac Tents

I’m having a little bit of fun using this plug-in to find products.Right Now I’m working on a couple essential gear lists, and am researching products.

Here’s a listing of Bivouac tents from Amazon. Bivy tents are just small, single person shelters. They should fit nicely into a backpack.

And, As Always, Check out our Outdoor Gear Store for more from amazon.

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