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100 Days of Summer: May31st- Cool Off at Nelson-Kennedy Ledges

Nelson-Kennedy Ledges State park on Rte. 422 in Portage County is a hidden gem. Short hiking trails and a nice family picnic area in a geologically unique area make this a great spot for families with small children.

The area is glacially eroded sandstone. Although Ohio does not have limestone caverns like Kentucky, these caves and ravines are the next best thing.Try to find the Devil’s Icebox: a large cavern with a creek running through it. The water keeps the cave cool and misty even on the hottest summer days.

Nearby is Nelson Ledges Quarry Park, a swimming area and Music Venue and worth a look for adults.

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100 Days of Summer: 100 Recreational Areas Within 100 Miles

Within 25 Miles

Within 50 Miles

Within 75 miles

Within 100 Miles

How To Use this List:

  • I’ve kept State Parks and related State Forests as two lines. This might be cheating, but they usually offer different experiences.
  • Each Link goes directly to the appropriate site, not to a directory, wherever possible.
  • Scroll down to your favorite area. Look right above it. Have you been here? How about the area right below it?

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100 Days of Summer- Day 23: Climb Whipps Ledges

Quick- What does Hinckley Ohio Have?

If you said Buzzards, you’re at the wrong site.  However if you said one of the few public Climbing areas in Northeast Ohio, You’re right. Oh, And check out our Climbing page for a few More.

There’s not a lot around here- I don’t know if Climbing is still considered an “Attractive Nuisance” in our area or people just don’t want to deal with any perceived liability, but we seem to be lagging behind. Any ideas on how to change this?

Anyway, here’s a page listing the recognized routes up and down Whipps Ledges. Have fun.

PS- At this rate I’ll be done with the 100 days of Summer sometime around March. I’ll try a couple AM and PM posts over the next Couple weeks to get caught up. Now will be a good time to subscribe to our RSS if you haven’t already. And join our Community- It’s not active yet. Maybe you can make the difference

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