120 Parks in 100 Miles



How varied are the Outdoor Recreation opportunities in Northeast Ohio? Well, Let’s see, I’ve compiled a list of at least 120 places you can go for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, kayaking and more. These are all  official, public areas.  I Don’t list commercial properties or unofficial sites: no gaslines or mining areas. I based my Search on my Location in Boardman, and I might have cheated a bit at the edges: Minister Creek is only within 100 if you start at I-80, but what the heck.


  • I’ve kept State Parks and related State Forests as two lines. This might be cheating, but they usually offer different experiences.
  • Each Link goes directly to the appropriate site, not to a directory, wherever possible.
  • Preserves have few amenities, Wildlife Area even less, but often are public hunting area
  • This list is not meant to be comprehensive. I’ve left out many Metro Parks, some small state parks that aren’t much more than picnic areas, and areas I’m not really familiar with. If you have something you want added, let me know.
  • Scroll down to your favorite area. Look right above it. Have you been here? How about the area right below it?
  • Or, Try ODNR’s Recreation Search

Within 25 Miles

Within 50 Miles

Within 75 miles

Within 100 Miles

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