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Ohio Waterfowl Hunting Seasons 2010-2011 and Bag Limits

Waterfowl hunters
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COLUMBUS, OH – The 2010-2011 waterfowl hunting season dates have been approved by the Ohio Wildlife Council and are the most liberal regulations allowed by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Wildlife.
The waterfowl hunting seasons are set to open October 16 in both Ohio’s north and south zones. Hunters 15 years of age and younger will have the opportunity to enjoy a special statewide season October 2-3.
The duck hunting season in the North Zone is October 16 through November 14, followed by a late portion that opens November 20 through December 19. In the South Zone, duck season is open October 16 – 31, followed by a late portion that opens December 11 and runs throughJanuary 23, 2011.
The daily bag limit for ducks is six, which may not include more than four mallards (no more than one may be female), three wood ducks, one black duck, two redheads, two scaup, one canvasback, two pintail, and one mottled duck. The daily bag limit for mergansers is five, of which no more than two may be hooded. The daily bag limit for coots is 15. Possession limits after the first day are twice the daily bag limit.
In the Lake Erie Canada Goose Zone, the goose season is October 16 through November 14 followed by a second segment that opens November 20 and runs through January 2, 2011.  The goose season for the remainder of the North Zone is October 16 through November 28, with a second segment that runs from December 18 through January 16, 2011. In the South Zone, goose season is October 16 through November 7 followed by a second segment that opens December 11 and runs through January 30, 2011.
The daily bag limit for Canada geese is two. Light geese (snows, blues, Ross’) have a daily bag limit of 10, and white-fronted geese and brant have a daily bag limit of one.  The possession limit for brant and geese is twice the daily bag limit after the first day.

Licensed falconers may hunt in the north, south and Lake Erie Canada Goose zones whenever these zones are open to waterfowl hunting; in addition properly licensed falconers may hunt ducks and coots statewide from February 5, 2011 through March 4, 2011 and geese from February 5 – 18, 2011.
People planning to hunt waterfowl are required to answer several questions for the Harvest Information Program (HIP) survey when purchasing their hunting licenses.  A state wetland habitat stamp endorsement and a valid and signed federal duck stamp are required when hunting waterfowl, in addition to an Ohio hunting license.  The 2010-11 hunting licenses and wetland stamps are on sale now and remain valid through February 28, 2011.

Copies of this season’s waterfowl hunting regulations, which include maps of the zones (Publication 295, Waterfowl Hunting Seasons), will be available online at or by late September to hunters at all license agent outlets.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources ensures a balance between wise use and protection of our natural resources for the benefit of all. Visit the ODNR Web site at

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100 Days of Summer: Day 36- Run for your Life!

Image by lcthulou via Flickr

I Don’t give enough props to Trail Runners- Maybe because it’s just not a well known sport around here. But there’s lots of available organizations and events.

Like NEO Trail Club, Western Reserve Trail Runners, the NorthEast Runners Club, the Youngstown Ultra Trail 50K race and these Ohio Running Trails.

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100 Days of Summer: Day 35- Run for Your Lives!

This video of a storm front approaching a beach ( Either the UK or Sweden, but not, obviously, both) has been making the rounds on teh internet. Enjoy the awesome majesty of mother nature and gaze in awe at the people who just, umm, stand there and watch it. REalize not everyone is familiar with the concept of tornado watches:

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100 Days of Summer: Day 34- Enjoy the Perseid Meteor Shower this Week

Photo of a part of the sky during a meteor sho...
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Perseid Meteor shower starting Wednesday, Aug. 11th and going through the 13th. According to, this year’s should be good as we are passing through the thickest part of the Swift-Tuttle Comet’s debris trail during the new moon, so light pollution is minimal.

So take out the telescope, get out to the lake, and enjoy the show.

Real Quick- Jamie’s got less than 20 days till she moves to Columbus to attend CCAD, so times getting tight around the house. I really want to start getting two of these in a day to make up for lost time. We should be on day 50 now.

Then to top it all off,  I’ve updated WordPress to the newest version and I have a plug-in crashing, giving me the White Screen of Death. This is where the Admin Dashboard won’t load, making it hard to write new posts.  So I’ve been working on it and I can get it up and running, but then something gets written and it comes crashing back.

So if anyone wants a PR3 link back to their site, send a guest Post to I’ll post them along with any bio you give me and a link back. I appreciate the help.

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Ohio Div of Wildlife now on Facebook, Twitter

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COLUMBUS, OH – The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR), Division of Wildlife has launched its social media campaign by creating profiles on Facebook and Twitter. The public is invited to discuss hunting, fishing and wildlife viewing in Ohio on the division’s social media sites.

“We are happy to be able to provide real-time information to our hunters, anglers and wildlife watchers at their convenience,” said Jim Marshall, acting chief of the Division of Wildlife.  “Facebook and Twitter represent a new, fast way for our division to communicate with our supporters.”

Visitors to the division’s Facebook page can share their insight and feedback with Division of Wildlife staff and other outdoor enthusiasts. Supporters will also find important information, tips and activity ideas. To join the Ohio Division of Wildlife’s Facebook page, go and click the “Like” button at the top of the page.

On Twitter, the division will post news releases, important deadlines and need-to-know messages. To follow the Ohio Division of Wildlife on Twitter, go to and click “Follow.”

(Of Course, you can always follow Steel Valley Outdoors on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the buttons on the right.)

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources ensures a balance between wise use and protection of our natural resources for the benefit of all. Visit the ODNR Web site at

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100 Days of Summer: Day 33- Perry's Memorial

The 352-foot Perry's Victory and International...
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PUT-IN-BAY, OhioPerry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial offers travelers an opportunity to leave life’s stresses behind and learn about  America’s forgotten war—the War of 1812 – in a picturesque island setting.

This week’s National Park Getaway, one in a series of travel articles,  follows one student’s post-exam-week-trip to this national park in northern
Ohio. At Perry’s Victory, one can experience not only relaxation but also  inspiration.  The park, located on South Bass Island, is a grassy oasis in the middle of Lake Erie. The lake often captures the apricot-colored light of dawn at sunrise and transforms itself into a rich blue later in the day. In addition to the peaceful landscape, the park preserves an amazing piece of  architecture—the 352-foot Doric column that, as the name of the park suggests, commemorates two parts of history. Visitors learn of an American victory in a naval battle that took place during the War of 1812—the Battle of Lake Erie. The park also honors the peace that has endured since the 19th century among Great Britain, the United States, and Canada.

Rangers and living history presenters bring the early 1800s to life and introduce visitors to Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry, the commander of the American fleet in the Battle of Lake Erie. After the British battered Perry’s flagship, he boarded the US Brig Niagara and captured the entire British fleet.

Perry’s Victory and International Peace Memorial is the 60th park featured in the Getaway series, which points people to places where they can connect with nature, history, family, and friends. You can read this week’s Getaway and its predecessors by visiting

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Amazon Geocaching Bestsellers

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100 Days of Summer: Day 32- Take the Dog to Mosquito Lake

dogs at dog park wearing Mimi green collars
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Did you know that Mosquito Lake State Park won an award last year for the creation of a five acre dog park?  Your furry friends get two separate fenced off areas, one for large dogs and one for the chihuahuas ( Although I know NONE of our readers have those tiny things. We’re REAL dog people here). Dogs get access to the lake for swimming, and water is provided on hot days. Mosquito also features 7 miles of dog-friendly trails and a campground.

Check it out to inaugurate the Dog Days of Summer.

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Ohio Topographic Map

TOPO!® Michigan, Ohio and Indiana Outdoor Recreation Mapping Software TOPO!® Michigan, Ohio and Indiana Outdoor Recreation Mapping Software

National Geographics TOPO174; is the leading map software for outdoor recreation and features seamless, authentic USGS maps you can customize and print yourself.TOPO174; Michigan, Ohio and Indiana features more than 2,700 seamless USGS 124,000 scale topographic maps covering all three states in their entirety. These are not computer-generated maps, but high-resolution scans of authentic USGS quads with all the richness of detail they offer.8226; Five levels of map detail, from National Geographic Atlas maps to USGS 7.5 series seamless quads — the most detailed outdoor recreation maps available8226; Print custom-centered photo quality maps on any printer8226; Customize your map by adding trails, routes, text and symbols8226; Add notes, web links and photos linked to a location on the map8226; TOPO is GPS-ready. Transfer GPS waypoints and routes between your GPS unit and the software to find where you want to go or where you have been8226; Add latitudelongitude or UTM grids to any map8226; One-click trail profiles show you the distance along with elevation gain or loss8226; Toggle shaded relief on or off8226; Find new trails, parks, summits, campsites and more using the USA Place Finder8226; Animated 3D fly-thru feature enables you to fly along a trail you have drawn or imported from your GPS8226; Resizable split screen enables you to view maps in 2D and 3D. See a full 360 degree view8226; Live Map Update gets you the latest revised maps and software updates8226; PC and Mac (10.2) compatible

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100 Days of Summer: day 31- See the Northern Lights

Run for the Hills! A Coronal Mass Ejection is headed for the Earth! A large solar storm has burped up a huge cloud of gas that will soon envelop the Earth’s atmosphere ( Or AtmosFEAR to the media). this will ionize the upper atmosphere, causing the northern lights to spread. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get a break in the clouds and be able to spot them on Wednesday or Thursday.

This just might be the perfect Camping weekend for a story no one will ever believe. Good Luck.

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