100 Days of Summer: Day 34- Enjoy the Perseid Meteor Shower this Week

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Perseid Meteor shower starting Wednesday, Aug. 11th and going through the 13th. According to Space.com, this year’s should be good as we are passing through the thickest part of the Swift-Tuttle Comet’s debris trail during the new moon, so light pollution is minimal.

So take out the telescope, get out to the lake, and enjoy the show.

Real Quick- Jamie’s got less than 20 days till she moves to Columbus to attend CCAD, so times getting tight around the house. I really want to start getting two of these in a day to make up for lost time. We should be on day 50 now.

Then to top it all off,  I’ve updated WordPress to the newest version and I have a plug-in crashing, giving me the White Screen of Death. This is where the Admin Dashboard won’t load, making it hard to write new posts.  So I’ve been working on it and I can get it up and running, but then something gets written and it comes crashing back.

So if anyone wants a PR3 link back to their site, send a guest Post to Lou@SteelValleyOutdoors.info. I’ll post them along with any bio you give me and a link back. I appreciate the help.

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