100 Days of Summer- Day 30: One Month or So Recap

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So, Starting on June 20th, I managed to get 30 days in in 40 Days. Less than two months behind.  Here’s the Recap:

Day One- Bike West Branch

Day Two- Nelson-Kennedy Ledges

Day Three- Canoe Mahoning River

Day Four- Geocaching

Day Five- Kayak Mill Creek

Day Six-Windsurfing

Day Seven-Fishing

Day Eight- Grill

Day Nine- Train Rides

Day Ten- State Lodges

Day 11-Boating Resources

Day 12- Public Shooting Ranges

Day 13- July 4th

Day 14-Conneaut and Pymatuning

Day 15-McConnells Mill

Day 16-Stavich Trail

Day 17- Ghosts

Day 18- YSU

Day 19- Shopping

Day 20- Medieval Faire

Day 21- Local Beaches

Day 22- Moraine State Park

DAy 23-Whipps Ledges

Day 24-Hearts Content

Day 25-Minister Creek

Day 26-The Blue Streak

Day 27- Lake Erie Islands

Day 28- Bike Brady Run

Day 29- The Drive-In

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