100 Days of Summer: Day 24-Go Camping to your Hearts Content

Tionesta, Allegheny National Forest.
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Hearts Content recreation area area in the Allegheny National Forest is a bit of a haul from us, but it’s one of my favorite areas.

The Main Draw is the camping area: 26 family sized sites that rival the best commercial campgrounds.

There’s the 11-mile hickory trail through old-growth forest ( Cook’s Forest is nearby too.) These old growth forests were basically private homesteads that were not deforested 100 years ago like the rest of the area. Compare the look of these areas to the rest of the Alleghenies and you’ll see what I mean. For as nice as they are, the Alleghenies are the result of serious conservation and preservation efforts.

Also, bring a compass. There’s a nice orientation area to put your skills to the test. plan on spending an afternoon teaching the kids how not to get lost.

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